Four herds of legendary horses lie in the Alaskan tundras, each owning their own boundaries in which are protected. Create a powerful horse, pick a boundary, and RP!

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Herd of Swaying Flames RP ~Long-Lasting~One-on-one~

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New One-on-one RP!

OC info-
Name: Pheasantwillow
Age: 48 seasons
Gender: mare
Rank in RP: Warrior

Mate: N/A
Offspring: N/A
Starter- Pheasantwillow dug at the ground hard with her hoof, distracting herself from the heavy rain pounding heavily on the leaves above her. The cold droplets made her itch which annoyed her. Her usually lustrous red pelt was dull and strange, and the only noise stirring was the wind whispering in her ear. Her mind was fixed on the ground, the hole getting deeper which encased her in deeper thought. That was until light trampling of hooves sounded nearer.

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