Four herds of legendary horses lie in the Alaskan tundras, each owning their own boundaries in which are protected. Create a powerful horse, pick a boundary, and RP!

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Pheasantfire of Herd of Swaying Flames

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1 Pheasantfire of Herd of Swaying Flames on Sun Oct 04, 2015 3:57 am

Name: Pheasantfire

Gender: Mare

Age: 48 seasons

Rank: Leader

Herd: Herd of Swaying Flames

Description: solid dark sorrel mare with short silky mane, and a long, red tail. She also stands proud with her light amber eyes. She is quite muscular and lean since she was trained as a warrior before she became leader. A scar in the shape cat claws tattoos her withers from a mountain lion attack. Her withers are to a young no-mane's shoulders approximately.

Mate: Breezespirit

Offspring: Cardinal

Backstory: Pheasantfire was born into a forest by a lone mare by the name of Truly who escaped from a small farm when she was only 12 seasons old, and grew roughly in the wild where every horse stood for their selves. When Pheasantfire's mother died short after she was weened of unknown causes,she met a few other young horses who were willing to stick together, bringing Pheasantfire the idea of having a herd to assist eachother in the hardest of times. Pheasantfire named the herd after the heavily-leaved, red-leaved tree that her mother died under, which swayed in the breeze ever so lightly.

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