Four herds of legendary horses lie in the Alaskan tundras, each owning their own boundaries in which are protected. Create a powerful horse, pick a boundary, and RP!

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Herd Slang and Sayings!

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1 Herd Slang and Sayings! on Sun Oct 04, 2015 6:43 pm


. Crow-food- Rotting animal also used as an insult

. Grasping Oaks- The gathering place of the Herds. Four oaks who's branches splay out and look as if the branches are reaching out towards the moon on the Gathering night.

. Fodder- What food is called in the herds (e.g. I'll be out to get some better fodder.)

. Fodder Circle- the circle where the horses stay to eat fodder during the day

. Stone of Galloping Spirits- A large, stone than lies under the northern lights when a leader exchanges dreams with their Ancestors

. Pony- a horse owned by a no-mane. Also used as an insult.

. Like Herd of Galloping Spirits- meaning you did something superb

. As easy as trotting!- meaning something is fairly easy

. The No-horse Pass- a wide, long road that stretches through the valleys. Many horses who have attempted passing it has not returned.

. Black-pass- a road

. Dirt-pass- a dirt road

. Season of Frost and Sleep
. Season of Life and Sprout
. Season of Sun and Rain
. Season of Love and Color

. 4 Seasons = 1 Year, 8 Seasons = 2 Years, 12 Seasons = 3 years, etc.

. 1 Sun = 1 day

. 1 Moon = 1 night

. Wolf-length = 3-4 feet

. Mouse length = 4-6 inches

. Horse-length = 6 feet

. Foal Length = 2 feet

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. You are a bird brain/stop acting like a bird brain!- You are so stupid/Stop acting so stupid!

. Foxfood- Similar to Warriors' 'crowfood.' It is a crude a name.

. You must have finches in your mane- Meaning that you are acting rather wild/crazy!

. Pony- a Horse kept by a no-mane (e.g. I'd ask you to lead the patrol, but you're just a little pony.)

. Ice-hearted- an insult meaning that you have no feelings

. Who put flies in his/her ears?- Used for a grumpy/cranky horse

. Mouse-hearted- used for a scared/cowardly horse

. Pain in the mane- used towards a lazy or irritating horse

. I don't give a coyote's tail- meaning that they don't care

. I'll believe that when coyotes fly- Meaning they don't believe something

. That's a load fox-dirt- meaning that something said is not true

. You're crazier than a trapped mare!- meaning they are acting crazy/wild

Taking suggestions!

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