Four herds of legendary horses lie in the Alaskan tundras, each owning their own boundaries in which are protected. Create a powerful horse, pick a boundary, and RP!

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Wendigo Challenger for Herd of Starry Winds

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1 Wendigo Challenger for Herd of Starry Winds on Mon Oct 05, 2015 7:41 pm

Name: Wendigo

Gender: Stallion

Age: 20 seasons

Rank: Challenger

Herd: N/A

Description: At 17.2 hands, Wendigo makes for an intimidating presence. He is a large black stallion with a mane as tail as wild as the wind

Mate: N/A

Offspring: N/A

Backstory: Wendigo is the kind of stallion all older stallions fear, a roamer, young and fit; looking for a place and a herd to call home. He was raised in a quiet neck of the woods in a small, unchallenged herd that seldom had any need to move. During a freak forest fire one night, his home was ruined and those who survived were slowly picked off by wolves. Wendigo moved on into the rolling plains of the Starry Winds territory with the two remaining mares (both heavily pregnant with his foals), from his old herd (Thunder-Roam), and seeks to build a herd for himself, or challenge an older rival for theirs. Having looked upon the Starry Winds herd from a distance, he aspires to claim control of the mares and chase off the current leader to take the grassy plains for himself.

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